A special meeting place for 
Here are our Survivors.  On this page is a list  of everybody who has attended, wanted to attend, should have attended, or never attended but we wish they would anyway, our once a year reunion meeting of this group. There are about 800 folks listed.  As we find each person's e-mail, and other current information, we will add that to this listing.

To make this a successful website, this page is important...and your help is vital!  If you see somebody on this page who you know, and know their whereabouts, tell them about it.  If you know somebody who should be listed, let them and us know.  If there is somebody who is deceased, let us know that, too.  Maybe you would like to send us some information for our "In Memoriam" page. 

Remember, if you worked in advertising or media (that is a broad category) in the "old days" (another broad category) you are welcome to be listed here.  This is not like joining a country club or fraternity. If you think you belong...you belong. Period.


The List: 
     Those below who have submitted information about themselves, "then and now," are shown in blue (hyperlink).  To discover what they've been doing, just click on their name and you will be taken to our Updates page. Some may be deceased, but they have been kept here lest we forget them. 

Jonathan Abel abelcompany@cox.net Creative genius, ad exec, and voice wizard. 
Joe Acker
Bob Adams
Paul Adams
Rick Adams RickAdams@300m.co Jennings & Thompson, Bozell & Jacobs Ad Guy in 70's-80's
Rory Aikens
Martha Akers
Al Alarcon
Barbara Alarcon
John Alba
Ed Alexander
Howard Alexander
Dick Alexander
Chuck Allen
George Allen
Lee Allen Former KTKT Tucson News Director and freelance writer. AZfreelance@aol.com
Phil Allen
Chuck Alton
Grace Alvarez
Chruck Alvey,
Brian Amada
Tom Ambrose  Phoenix Suns PR guy.
Todd Anderson
Bill Andres
Don Andrews   Married Bambi Newland.
Jos Anshell
Armi Armijo
Roseanne Armijo
Ben Arnold
Jim Arnold Former Tucson DJ, TV GM, in AZ Broadcasting HOF, now owner KDRI radio Tucson
Mike Arra
Chuck Artigue
Frank Asbury
Wally Athey
Mike Atkinson
Gary Avey
Bob Axsom

Helen Backer
Eileen Bailey
Dusty Baker  dustybaker@peak.org  
Noelle Baker
Howard Baldwin
Jim Balk
John Banks          
Steve Banks  Radio/TV sales executive extrordanaire.          
Duane Barbano          
Fran Barbano
Lee Barclay         
Ron Barraclough          
Ed Barry         
Jan Barstad          
Carol Bartholomeaux  One of the best PR people anywhere See Updates
Billie Baty
John K. Baty
Marsha Baumayr
Mike Baumayr
Carol Beach
Mort Beach
Jack Beauchamp
Dana Beaudin
Debbie Bell
Bob Bell
Susan Bennett
Les Benton
Sue Berg
Aaron Berkowitz
Brad Berry
Wally Bilger
Ann Billings
Stan Bindell
Linda Bishop
Wink Blair
Jack Block
Sherwin Block   Top advertising specialties guy.
Annie Bogan
Michael Bolchalk
Jana Bommersbach  Writer, TV personality, local political gadfly.  
Martha Bookman
Tony Booth   Matmedia@aol.com
Chuck Boozer  Former local jock, now in North Carolina. See Updates 
Roy Borden
Marie Borgmann
Mike Botula mikebotula@comcast.net  PD at KRFM radio 63-65
Lorraine Bourgeois
James Boyd
Rudy Bracamonte
Dick Brader
Ed Bradford    Great broadcast salesman turned preacher. Now in Assembly of God state office.
Geoffrey Brandt
Greg Brannan
Art Brooks
Betty Brown
Bing Brown
Carole Brown
John K. Browning, jr.  jbrowning@cox.net  In sales at KNIX,KMEO, & KLFF/KNOC. Now retired.
Elizabeth Bruening-Lewis 
Ralph Bruneau
Charlotte Buchen
Suzy Buck
Robert Bulla
Jackie Burke
John Burr
Gary Burson
Ray Buse   Best printer since Gutenberg  
Pat Bush
Judi Butterworth
Lavonne Buttram
Robert M. Byars
James Byrd

Janet Callaghan
Frank Callahan
Joe Callahan
Duncan Campbell   dwcampbell@adelphia.net
Martin Camacho  mcamacho@kuat.arizona.edu 
Jean Campbell
Mike Campbell  K7NRA@Commspeed.net 
Gina Canter
Glenn Capeloto
Pam Cardy
Rosa E. Carrillo
Pauline Carroll
Gail Castor
Lee Castor
Gary Cattel
Greg Cebulski
Adrienne Chambers
Mark Chance  Former KPHO director, now runs Suns production.
Jim Chapman
Pete Chasar
Tom Chauncey II
Sherri Chessen  gorp2@earthlink.net  Romper Room Host; famous Finkbine of Thalidomide scare.
Bobby Chilleen
Art Christiansen
Joseph Demetrius Christopher
Martha Churchill
Tom Churchill  Owned our first FM giant, KRFM.
Babe Cina
Bobbe Clark  nclark@u.arizona.edu 
Jeanne Clark
Lloyd Clark
Jack Clifford   Top TV and Cable Executive; started the Food Channel
Platt Cline
Bruce Cole Cole
Joe Cole
Marianne Cole
Tanya Collins
Bruce Colson
Paul Combs
Bonnie Conkle
Mike Conlee
Ron Conner  How long has he been at Ch. 12? 35 years? Now, that's loyalty. Same sweater.
Greg Cooke    Former Channel 12 news producer, then 60 Minutes segment producer.  
Julie Cooke
Pat McNeela Cooke
Christopher Cookson
Bob Coombs   Sold for KRUX, lately broadcast equipment specialist 
Gerry Cooney ggerrycooney@yahoo.com
Ronald Cooper
Suzi Q. Cooper
Ed Cooperstein  Film fellow.
Sandy Cooperstein
Helen Cornell
Ron Costello
Robin Cote'  robincote@cox.net Senior Producer/Reporter at Metro Networks/Westwood One Phoenix
Ann Courtney
Richard Covey
Sandy Cowen  sandy@sandycowen.com 
Ann Cox
Ray Cox   Longtime marketing executive and broadcaster. Great play-by-play man.
Ron Croft   Was a KUPD sales executive for over 30 years.
Dave Crone
Susan Cruz
Martha Crystall
Pat Cummins
Gary Cuthbertson   Had local outdoor company, sold out, and went sailing. Now in Montana.

Kent Dana   Channel 12 anchor for many years. Started in media at KTAR radio sales.
Larry Daniels   KNIX program director...made millions for the Owens family.
Ira Dankberg
Rita Davenport   Motivational speaker, promoter, marketing exec. '70's-80's Ch. 5 TV show.
Robert Davies   Channel 10 programming executive for many years. Terrific play-by-play guy.
George Davis
Happy Davis
Glen Davis
Bill Davis
Betty Deaver
Don Dedera  One of Arizona's finest journalists. At R&G many years.
Mike Del Rosso
Rodger DeMinor
Cydney DeModica
Tom Deur
Vicky Deur
Louise DeWald
Karen DeWall-Owens  karendewallowens@cox.net 
Bob Dey  bdey@kaz.tv
Mary Diamond
Jerry Ditzen
Carol Divich
John Dixon  azmusicdude@hotmail.com  Arizona's premier music historian and archivist.         
Michael Dixon   Talk show host. Great Ch. 8 fundraiser.
Bart Dobson
Dana Dobson-Tiedeman, Sr.
Fred Domenigoni fdomenigoni@inficad.com Audio/Video expert extrordanaire. 
Roger Downey   :Longtime Ch. 5 anchor.
Cathleen Downing
Hugh Downs  What was the name again?
Donna Draper
Donn Dregan
Cathy Dresbach  Wallace and Ladmo favorite; best local actor.
Cathy Droz
Donn Dugan
R. Kirk Dunbar
Tom Duran
Mike Durand
Bob Dyer
Tom Dynjan

Mark Early
Robert Early
Tex Earnhardt  What an on the air salesman...they don't make 'em this way any more!
Gary Edens  ge@garyedens.com  Was GM at KOY; now owns a slew of stations and several small                       countries. Click here and listen to Gary on WKIX, Raleigh, in 1964.
Suellen Edens
Ron Edwards  ronedwards24@hotmail.com
Bill Ehlinger
Bob Eichenburger
Karl Eller  Didn't he used to have something to do with channel 12? Or billboards?
Bob Ellis
Bill Eimers billsvoice@cox.net  Voice work in Phoenix since the 70's, still going strong.
Joel English
Joyce Englund
Grace Etchen
Linda Evans
Tony Evans  Famous KRIZ deejay from the 60's.

Marquita Fancher         
Mike Farrell  KOY announcer, now in Payson.
FAWN (On air name, current last name Caldwell) Pioneer female jock-radio & clubs. fawnzie10@aol.com   
John Fedor          
Bob Feinman          
Brenda Felldin         
Joe Ferguson          
Laurie Ficaro            
Elizabeth Field          
Nancy Fikes         
Norma Files          
Todd Fisher  toddf213@aol.com
Joanie Flatt         
Barry Flynn          
Jim Flynn          
Mike Flynn          
Russ Fons          
Frank Foster          
Ed Foster          
Jerry Foster    The first helicopter reporter, and the best.        
Sherry Fox          
Jim Fraser          
Joan Fraser
Martha Fraser-Harmon          
Lillian Freburger         
Marvin Freeman          
Muriel A. Freeman         
Rob Freidman         
Phil French          
Robert French   Sales exec with KRFM, Lindstrom & Jett       
Gary Fries          
Jim Fry         
Wayne Fulcher          
Kathleen Fulwiler  howdytwo@aol.com    Then: KOOL-Radio/TV   Now: Seattle travel agent.       

Louise Gacioch          
Linda Gallagher  Sales executive at ch. 5        
Roger Galloway  RogerCG1@aol.com  Read recent newspaer article about Roger. 
Matt Ganis  media911matt@yahoo.com  
Manny Garcia   Man with a camera. Ch. 10 for years.         
Allen Gardner        
Kim Garvey          
Dan Gates    Legendary Tucson disc jockey      
Tom Gerczynski   Photography wizard.          
Sandy Gibbons  Nice guy, actor.         
John Giese         
Ginger Hutton Gilmartin   Journalist longtime A&G gal. Married to Joe "Suns in six" Gilmartin.          
Norman S. Ginsburg          
Andres Giron         
Carl Glassenhart
Trudy Glassenhart
Dorothy Glueck
Steve Glueck  Broadcast exectuve
Nate Goldberg          
Andrea Goldenthal         
Robert Golder         
Jack M. Goodman          
Warren Goodrich         
Bobette Gordon          
Karen Gorman         
W. Blair Grafe          
Patty Graham
Gil Grant    Was director at ch. 12 in the 70's, now big-time network producer-writer. "24" on Fox.          
Michael Grant       
Pat Grant
Wally Grant  First radio sales, ad exec, now retired in Tucson.        
Walt Gray
Cathy Green CathyGreen@1030KCEE.com Legendary Tucson broadcast executive now GM at KCEE.  Sue Green          
Jerry Gregson          
Paul Grella          
Tommy Griffin          
Lenore Grobstein  Sales executive at ch. 10.         
Dee Groener         
Joe Groves          
Chris Gunty          
Suzie Guzman         

Phil Hagenah
Dave Hall   Former DJ at KRIZ, KOY          
Carol Halter          
Doc Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton          
William Hammer        
Kathy Hansen   hansenkathy1@qwest.net
Lindsey Hansen         
Dan Harkins  Good guy to know if you want some free movie passes.        
Kitten Harmon          
Barbi Harner         
Paula Hassler  zzjazz@juno.com
Ted Hasson         
Deb Hastings 
Chuck Hawke  http://www.myspace.com/chuckhawke        
Dan Hawking         
Roy Head         
Randy Heflin 
Mark Heier        
Martha Heier
Norma Jean Hein         
Maurie Helle  directorhelle@msn.com   Read Maurie's Column        
Wendy J. Helle
Mitch Heller mitchelltheller@marcresorts.com  KRUX-KRIZ-KBBC alum           
Linda Helser         
Chuck Hemann          
L. Duane Henry          
Judd Herberger         
John Herges
Linda Herges
Audrey Herring         
Bill Herrmann          
Pete Herrmann          
Mark Hiegel         
Mary Helen Hildebrandt         
Glen Hills          
Al Hillstrom  Chief engineer Ch. 10         
Ray Hinshaw
Bob Hirsch   Our state's legendary outdoor reporter.  
Tony Hirsch   Sales exec at KRUX, went on to GM at WINS, New York. President of Musak.     
Karen Hively         
Ken Hoag
Lisa Hobaica-Aguilar     Producer for Beth and Bill, KEZ Radio, 16 years.  Lisahobaica@hotmail.com       
Bea Hoeksema          
Harry Hofford 
Nancy Hofford
Win Holden  WHolden@azdot.gov  Then: FCB. Now: Publisher, Arizona Highways magazine.        
Chrissy Hollaender 
Dewey Hopper Legendary weatherman, now back in town. See Updates.         
Twila Hopkins         
Mike Horne          
Steve House         
Fred Huff        
Mark Hughes          
Del Hull          
Larry T. Hunt          
James Hutelmyer 

Dick Ianella          
Patricia Ingram         
Marge Injasoulian          
Dale Inman          
Randy Irvine         
Troy Irvine

Barbara Jackson   Media director for Ken Patton.         
Don Jackson 
Russ Jackson  Editrail@aol.com      
Duke Jacobs   
Jan Jacobson          
Jan James          
Mark James          
Biff Jannuzzi   doctortalk@cableaz.com 
Gary Jacques  Engineer-KXIV,KSUN,KLFF,KMZK,KOPA-AM/FM,KOOL AM/FM,KEYX,KMJK,KBZR. Now                       Chief Engineer at KSLX-FM, KAZG-AM.      
Mike Jarvis          
Thom Jaster  Formerly AE with Ken Patton, now runs own shop.          
Alan Jeffory         
Felice Jennings
Edythe Jensen   Reporter for Republic and Gazette 1969-2012          
Don Jerome          
Bruce Johannes          
Opal Johnson
Phil Johnson pjohnson65@hotmail.com  www.pjohnson65.com  TV producer, director, writer. 
Scotty Johnson  SCJohnson@JournalBroadcastGroup.com          
Joe Jones
Mike Jones         
Alice Jordan          
Mike Jorgensen          
Barry Joseph  btjoseph@aol.com 
Jim Joslyn          
Anne Junker 

Diane Kalas   Host of first morning show, Today in AZ on Channel 12. Now in Flagstaff.      
Frank Kalil   Brought top 40 radio to Tucson, legendary KTKT disc jockey, now station broker. 
Carole Kann   Helped start this group. Ad exec. and printer   
Carol Kannes    
Bart Kanzler     
Alan Kath         
Sharon Kelley Formerly director at KPHO-TV. In AZ Broadcaster's Hall of Fame
Cindy Kelly  ckelly@aztrib.com    Senior Automotive Account Executive, East Valley Tribune.
Jack Kelly Great Phoenix Voice in the 60's
Mary White Keltner   
Jay Kemp  Studio cameraman at Ch. 12.           
Chuck Kemper          
Karl Kennedy-Now living in Thailand.          
Margaret Kent
Thom Khaler  thomkhaler@qwest.net  KPHX, KRIZ, KUPD, K-104 FM, KDKB Alum. 
George King  geezer222@insightbb.com.         
Gary Kinsey          
Mary Kirby          
Bill Kirkpatrick         
Becky Kistler          
Gayle K. Kiviat          
Jim Kleczewski          
Katherine Klein          
Don Kline          
Ronald J. Kloss          
Marlene Klotz-Collins          
Pete Klute         
Mike Knox         
Cy Kobey            
Wyn Koerper          
Mel Korey         
Jerry Kosowsky  TV/Film producer           
Buzz Kossack          
Nanette Kryske          
Mike Kucharo         

Jo Labelle          
Joan Lake
Joe Lake  joel@hogueprinting.com  Print sales exec extraordinaire since the 60's.
Diana Lamb
Rick Lamb
Brian Landauer          
Barry Landers          
Beau Lane          
Diane Lane
Ed Lane   Advertising agency owner.
John Lang
Tom Lang toml@kgvy1080,com   Tucson legendary deejay, now PD at KGVY Green Valley.     
Marty Laurel  Account executive; Owens & Assoc.        
Bea Lavallee          
Bill Lavidge          
Kathy Lawrence          
Ruth Ann Le Febvre          
Bill Ledbetter         
Marge Lee         
Bob Lee          
Judy Leecy judy@autismcenter.org Maurie Helle's sec'y at Ch. 10, now SARRC Database Specialist.     ill 
Bill Leverton  Legendary "On The Road" series around AZ for ch. 10.        
Delbert R. Lewis
John Libynski goldensounds@cableone.net  70's, 80's Tucson radio guy.
Andy Limber  alimber@cox.net    Read Andy's Column
Don Lincoln          
Ray Lindstrom  raythewatchman@aol.com   "Webmaster's Column"  www.sultanofschlock.com
William Linsman  Film guy.      
Lloyd Littlepage          
Angie Lohman          
Preston K. Long         
Steve Lopez          
Pete Lovegrove          
Sam Lowe   Journalist, former columnist Phoenix Gazette.         
Clark Lowry          
Tim Loy          
Bill Lucas         
Lynn Lucchetti  Rhea Bennett's media director in the 70's.       
Donald Luke        
Adrienne Lynch-Chambers    

Doug MacEachern          
Mona Mackley          
Rosemary Madden          
Jean Malatha          
Fran Mallace          
Betty Manfredi          
Marty Manning  earthworm2000@msn.com
Moyca Manoil 
Nancy Marcum  Nationally acclaimed inventor of "infomercial" format. Nancy Marcum & Assoc.      
Ron Mark
Susan Mark
Bee Markow
Bob Markow  Founder of Markow Photography, ColorMark Labs.
Paul Markow
Larry Martel          
Marie Martel          
W. Steven Martin  Mornings aren't the same at KNIX since he left.          
Dick Martin          
Sandra P. Martindale         
John Matt-Gongora          
Mildred F. May          
Mike Mazursky bigmike@radiorichmond.com     
Jack McAward          
Robert T. McCall  Internationally famous artist of space science.          
Nancy McCann  Traffic Mgr/Sales exec. Ch. 12 60's/70's
Steve McCann
Al McCoy   Voice of the Suns over 30 years, former KRUX "Good Guy."          
Bill McCune  McCunetv@aol.com  Current TV documentary producer.
Diana McDonald   msdianamcd@cox.net  Traffic Manager extrordanaire.
Jerry McElfresh         
Lisa McFadden          
Lois McFarland          
Sandi McLaughlin          
Dorothy McLean-Smith          
Pat McMahon  Most famous local talk show guy, now at KAZ-TV.  And, of course, Gerald.          
Martha McNamara
Doug McWeeney          
Danny Medina          
Lloyd Melton   Radio sales exec, now restauranteur.
Don Merrifield         
Liz Merritt          
Fran Metcalf         
Mary Metzger         
Mary Lou Meyers         
Ginny Michaelson          
Cindy Middleton         
Gus Miller          
Steve Miller          
Bill Miller  Broadcast executive, former GM Channel 3.
Paul Miller  Traffic Guru  UPDATE
Sandy Miller
Robert Mills         
Richard Mitten         
Ken Moakoqir          
Bruce Moody         
Dick Moore          
Cheri Moreno          
Artie Moreno   Owned billboard company. Now owns Anaheim Angels.         
Rich Moret          
Skip Moretti          
George Morgan          
John Moritz          
Paul Morneau          
Mary Morrison  THE broadcast media queen. 
Suzy Tilden-Mortimer LA/Phoenix media director. 
Bill Mosely          
Ed Moser  Legendary PR guy, now in Prescott  ewmoser@msn.com 928-708-0316       
Louie Moses          
Randee Mossburg randee@coyotetv.com Was PD at KTVK, KASW, now Co-own COYOTE TV, Inc.,                                                                   Program syndication and distribution worldwide.
Robert Mott
Phil Motta  Ad agency owner, but also great disc jockey, and rock group singer.      
Jean Mouritsen         
Jo Moyer
Rod Moyer          
Ernie Mulholland         
Dave Munsey         
Mary Murphy          
Ivan Murray
Joyce Murray
Connie Myck Retired now back from the coast to Sun City comyck62@sbcglobal.net
Patricia Myers (formerly Pat McElfresh) psmyers1@juno.com        
Wanda Myers          

Robert Naughton          
Troy Neil     Motivational speaker/Broadcast sales exec.    
Bob Nelson         
Dana Nelson        
Ruth Nelson          
Bill Nichols         
Ed Nicosia          
Jack Nietzel        
Reuben Noel          
Bob Nordmeyer  Disc jockey/Tucson TV weather man.
Rick Nordmeyer artsource@cox.net  Back from Chicago, now Creative Director at Parker Madison.
Rita Nordmeyer          
Chuck Normandin         
Rolf Normann         
Mike Norten          
Patrick North         
Stephanie Nowack          
Marv Nyren 

Bill O'Brien          
Ray Odom, Jr.          
Mary O'Hanlon  TV Traffic maven, now hot PR house for movie biz.         
Bruce Olson          
Jack O'Reilly          
Mike Osborn  Phoenix ad exec; lately VP at Sun Lakes.
Kevin O'Shaughnessy        
Buddy Owens          
Mike Owens  KNIX honcho.       

Polly Palmer        
Gretchen Palmerton         
Curtis Pap          
Nicholas Papagolos 
Dave Patterson Channel 10 News Anchor Dave@theafricasafari.com         
Doug Patterson
Shay Patterson
Don Pauly  donaldpauly@msn.com General Sales Manager KPHO TV, now retired in Albuquerque,NM
Rosalie Pauly  Don's wife. now Sales Mgr. at Fox TV in Albuquerque.
June Payne
LeeAnn Pease (Now LeeAnn Sharp) See Updates           
Norm Pederson          
Julian Pelzer         
Barbara Pennington         
David Perry  davidnperry@cs.com
Jim Perry     
Ron Perryman          
Sandy Petersen          
Jima Peterson          
Jackie Pettycrew         
Penny Pfaelzer-Dean             
Bill Phalen         
Emma Lou Philabaum          
Ed Phillips  Now here's a guy more famous than the weather he forecasts.     
Barbeth Shea Pinkney          
Bernie Pitzel         
Bob Podolsky          
Bob Polk          
Paul Polson  
Dorothee Polson
Don Poor          
Larry Popkin  R&G sales exec, then SRP, now retired.          
Toni Poppy          
Marsha Posner-Williams          
Pat Poulson  Long time R &Ger.
Doris Poulson          
Dave Pratt  KUPD legend, now at KMLE.
Lee Prins
Glen Proffitt gproffitt@wkrn  Then: "Radio hack and sales mgr., Phoenix." Now: "TV hack in Nashville." 
Roland Ptak  Owned ad agency.
Susan Ptak
Gail Punyko          
Morrie Puzzi  Kingpin of ch. 10 sales.         
Lynne Pyrce          

Conchita Raíces-Kollmann   conchita@raicesunidas.com  Hispanic consulting www.raicesunidas.com   
Joanne Ralston  Top PR gal and even better lobbyist. 
Tim Ramsey          
Barbara Raynard         
Pat Read       
Robert Reade          
Tom Reardon          
Ruthann Young Reed          
Dink Reed         
Pat Regan        
Betty Reining          
Dorothy Reith
Harry Reith
Denise Resnick          
Don Resnick          
Julian Reveles          
Lou Reynolds    Ran the sales dept. at the R&G for eons.      
Cherie Rhind          
Chuck Rich chuck@richandassociates.com  Long time AZ ad agency executive.
Douglas Richards
Hank Richter    Ad guy, fine artist. 
Lew Riggs  lriggs@tomf.org  50's Phx dj, music producer, now host of Healthwise , KNXT-790, Tucson
Robert Rinehart         
Steve Rizley          
Alice Roberts          
Chuck Roberts
Tim Roberts          
Wally Roberts          
John Merrill Roberts          
Don Rodwell          
Charlotte Rogers          
Dave Rolland          
Thom Romeo          
Erika Smith Royal  erikas@cox.net 
Robert Rosenberg          
Debra Ross         
Jim Ross     
Debbie Rouwenhorst          
Ilana Ruber         
Larry Rummel          
Kevin Runbeck          
Jerry Ryan          

Lynn Sabo          
Leo Salas          
Hector Salvatierra          
Jeanine Sand          
Rita Sanders         
Janet Sanford-Amandes         
Hank Sauro         
Sandy Savage-Peterson     
Tom Saxter          
Dan Scarpone         
John Scher John@ScherFamily.com Long time heavyweight Phoenix Sales Exec, mostly radio.          
Kate Scheurich          
Lin Schmelzer         
Laurie Schnebly  LaurieSchnebly@webtv.net   www.bookLaurie.com
Lee Schnebly  Larry's wife.   
Burt Schneider  
Judy Schriener         
Walt Schuch         
Marie Schultz  
Marissa Schwartz-Spieker          
Marty Schwarzkopf          
Bob Scott          
Brandon Scott          
Klaren Scott          
Nancy Scott         
Rush Scott          
Phil Scudella          
Elmo Sears          
Jon Sebastian          
Tim Sell          
Alan "Spud" Shaffer   Artist, creative guy, account exec., then went into the land business.         
Bari Shand         
Harry Shapiro  harrybs47@gmail.com   
Debra Sharker        
Deb Sharp
Ed Sharpe couryhouse@aol.com
Carol Shepard carol@azbusinessmagazine.com  Sales Exec at KOOL-FM 80's. Now  Director, Arizona                                                               Commercial Real Estate magazine
Robert Shirley          
Al Shiya          
William Shover   Top R&G PR guy, community leader.          
Nancy Silverstein
Jim Silvius          
Michael Skerlak          
Henry Slesinger          
Dale Slocum         
Jim Slone   Tucson radio executive and chain owner.          
Martin Small          
Pat Small        
Dick Smith 
Erika Smith Royal Erika963realcountry@gmail.com         
Don Soldwedell         
Terry Sorensen  terrysorensen1@cox.net
Wayne Spade         
Bill Spain          
Harry Spieker  Radio TV sales executive    
Tove Spofford          
Frank Sprague   :The famous voice.       
Rich Squier         
Robert Stake        
Shelly Standing         
Mike Stansbury  Did art at Ch. 12. Now in Taos painting.       
Allan Starr   First a photographer, then an all around marketing guy.      
Bruce  Steele          
Karen Stegwell         
Sam Steiger   Congressman, broadcaster, writer. Got heat once for shooting burro.       
Elayne Stein 
Gary Stevens  Big time NY jock came here and ran KRIZ in the 60's.         
Pam Stevenson   TV show producer.               
Linda Stone         
Pat Stowe
Ron Stowe
Phil Strassberg         
Bill Strauss        
Dick Stuart
Jim Sullins  Former Owens AE, now in North Carolina See Updates.          
Jack Sullivan
Anthony "Tony" Sullivan   Legendary Broadcaster, Longtime Tucson Greyhound Park Marketing Executive  Jerry Svendsen          
Duane Swanson          
Sharon Swanson-Sharp         
Red Symington          
Marge Szegedi  Longtime media maven.

Paul Talbot
Mitch Tanner          
Marsh Taylor          
William Teawell          
Sonoma Temple         
Larry Thelan          
Charles Thomas         
Ron Lee Thomas          
Glen Thompson          
Joe Thompson  Sales Manager, KHAT in the 60's.
Phoebe Thompson
Victor Thorne          
Jackie Thornhill          
Scott Thrower  Former local jock, now in Little Rock. See Updates.         
Dana Tiedeman Sr.           
Gail Tieken
Fred Tieken          
Suzy Tildin          
Ken Toney          
William Toops          
Bo Torrey          
G. B. Totton          
Ed Tracey          
Janet Traylor  jtraylor@kitchell.com Former B&J Art Director, now with Kitchell Real Estate.  
Ruben Trujillo          
Kathy Turken          
Billie Turner 
Tony Turner awturner@nycap.rr.com  Returned east when GE left PHX. Retired as consultant in 1998.
Carol Turoff          
Don Tutt          

Dick Van Dyke  Did the "New Dick Van Dyke Show" in Carefree.
Vicky Phillips Van Dyke          
Charles Van Dyke    One of the great voices.     
Barbara Van Fleet          
Marilyn Van Wagner
Scott Vaughan  scottvaughan@comcast.net Former GM at KGUN-TV, Tucson
Carole Verschoor          
Richard Vick KRUX newsman went to work for the state.         
Judi Victor          
Faith Viland          
John Vuyovich          

Judy Wade
Don "Cristi" Wagner  dwagner@regentcomm.com  KUPD/KNIX  76-85, Now VP/GM  Regent                                                   Broadcasting, Watertown, NY        
Tal Walker          
Janet Wallace
Muriel Walsh          
Robert Walters          
Carolyn Warner  Fancy furniture store owner, State Supt. of Public Instruction, ran for governor.  
Ted Warner           
Mark Waters         
Dick Wattier          
Bob Weaver          
Art Webb          
Mel Weiser          
Dave Weiser          
Fern Welch          
Roy Welch          
Bob Wendall          
Esther Wendel      
Harry West 
Jim West   ctryjim1@hotmail.com
Mary Jo West  First local female anchor, ch. 10.      
Preston Westmoreland  Terrific talk show host for years at KTAR radio. Now in real estate.          
Charles White          
Ardelle Whitehead         
Barbara Wickliffe          
Jerry Wiggins-Burnette
Sarah Wiggins-Burnette          
Bud Wilkinson budw@broadwaysbiggesthits.com  Famed former Republic radio-tv columnist, now host of                         syndicated radio show.         
Curt Williams         
Keith Williams          
Georgia Williams          
Jack Willis  KHEP radio GM and 50's-60'sTV announcer for Jack Ross Lincoln Mercury.           
Judy Willis          
Bennett Wilson          
Carrie Wilson          
Faye Wilson          
Ginny Wilson          
Maggie Wilson          
Manya Winsted          
Bob Winward          
Sharon Withers          
Steve Wood          
Barbara Woods          
Arlo Woolery          
Steve Wrath         
Gladys Wright          
Mark Wright          
Hamilton Wright  TV production, first at ch. 12, then his own VIP productions.         
Darlene Wyatt Phoenix movie production, now retired in Tucson.

Kathryn Young     

Don Zastoupil          
Bob Zimmerman  KRUX National Sales Manager in the 60's, then with KMEO.
Frank Zimmerman  R & G print guy, now in Oregon. See Updates.        
Walter Zipf 

All comments about the above persons were recollections of the webmaster or supplied by the individual.  If you would like to add a few words to anybody's listing, please write.  Anything longer than a few words (one line) will be put in our Updates section.
John Browning