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Look familiar?  The famous old Indian head test pattern used in the late 40's, early 50's.  Those old TV sets needed this to make everything look somewhat correct.

In the early 60's they were still using this at channel 8.

And, who could ever forget Howdy Doody?
We are so spoiled these days with hundreds of channels of programming. It's hard to imagine a time when viewing was limited to just a few hours per day and just a few channels.  Check out these old Arizona TV schedules:

Statewide TV Schedule, Thursday, Oct. 1, 1953

Statewide TV Schedule, Friday, Oct. 1,1954

Statewide TV Schedule, Sunday, Oct. 3, 1954

Arizona Radio Stations over 80 Years Old!
(From Broadcasting Magazine, 1962)

KOY, Phoenix, Ariz. - The outlet went on the air in April 1922 and was licensed as KFCB in September of that year. The original owner was Earl A. Nielsen. Call letters were changed to KOY in 1929, when the station was operating on 1390 kc with 500 watts. In 1937 the late Burridge D. Butler bought the station. Frequency was switched to 550 kc. The license was assigned to KOY Broadcasting Co. in 1951. KOY now has 5 kw.

KTAR, Phoenix, Ariz. - Charles and Warren McArthur started the station with 100 watts on June 21, 1922. The equipment was built and installed by the late Arthur C. Anderson. In 1925, ownership was transferred to the Electrical Equipment Co. of Phoenix, and the station began operating on 620 kc. In 1929, controlling interest in the station was purchased by the Arizona Publishing Co., call letters were changed to KTAR and corporate licensee to KTAR Broadcasting Co. In 1944, John J. Louis acquired control of the license.

From the early 1940's: KTAR BUILDING (Above)
Personnel from Sales Brochure (Below)
Howard Pyle went on to become Arizona governor in 1950
Bob Capps did a remote broadcast from Rudolph Chevrolet every Saturday on KTAR Radio in 1968.
:Check out this Phoenix radio schedule from Oct. 11, 1949.
In the 1960's radio ratings became important. Below is a part of an Aribitron survey from April/May, 1967 measuring cume audience Mon-Sun 6am-12M.