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     Here's where you get the scoop on what everybody's been doing lately.  To submit your information, click here.
Engineering assistant for KRFM (c.'64-65), hung out at KRUX alot with Mike Mitchell (Hal Shumway) and Lucky Lawrence, Copy runner, John Sage and weekend transmitter/Marvin the Machine (automation) babysitter at KXIV      (c.'65-66), Phoenix College KFCA-FM Music Director, Overnights at KNIX ('68) freeform AOR) after Dick Gilbert sold it to Buck Owens before it went country.  Currently, Semi-Retired on the Oregon Coast after 20 years in        broadcasting and a second career as a telecom technician at Microsoft. 
then and now
Martin Camacho
Then: Intern/Production Crew at KOLD (1986-87); Production at KGUN (1987-88); Promotions & Marketing at KGUN (1988-2002).
Now: Currently Associate Director of Development at KUAT.
Mike Campbell 
     "I worked at KPHO, Channel 5, during the B & W days of '62. I was just back home from the USAF and had the great privilege of working with Wallace & Ladmo, Pat McMahon, Mike Condello, Rita Davenport, Art Brock, Harry Ebbeson, and many others. I was a guitar picker as well in those old days and used to 'jam' with Mike Condello from time to time. Not excluding the great folks that came in to do their own sometimes live commercials. Acquanetta was the most memorable, we will miss her greatly!  I'm trying to stay retired in the beautiful Verde Valley. (Clarkdale)  I work with archiving old photos to digital, and turning old vinyl to CD's.
     The short time I worked at KPHO was the most memorable experience of my life! I have attended a couple of W & L Anniversary Re-unions, and have enjoyed the participation with 50 years worth of fans comments. I am still searching for an old photo taken of me and Jimmy Clanton backstage at Stage Seven by Johnnie Franklin in '62. When I run across it, I'll have a 'then and now' for you! I was directed to this site by a friend who thinks I belong here, I'm surprised to see the number of people whom I've worked with or met!"

Bobbe Clark
Then: News Director at KOOL AM/FM 1982-87 reporter at KTAR 1988-89, Morning Anchor and reporter/producer KUAT/KUAZ 1989-2001.  
Now: Membership Coordinator  KUAT Communications Group.                                                        nclark@u.arizona.edu 
Ron Edwards
Then: KRIZ DJ 1960s, KTAR Radio, Creative Director 1972-77 
Now: Full-time writer of magazine articles and novels. After 14 years in broadcasting, I change careers and became a pilot for two airliners--first at FedEx for six years, then with Delta Air Lines for seven years until mandatory retirement.  Then I started writing books and have had five published so far. ronedwards24@hotmail.com
Todd Fisher
Formerly, KZZP, KRQ, KUPD, KZZP (in that order) 1981-1988.  
Currently, VP/GM at KSTP AM/WFMP Minneapolis. 

Roger Galloway
In the '60's and '70's, Roger worked at KTKT and KIKX in Tucson, KIMN in Denver, and KFI in Los Angeles.  
Recently he was the entertainment reporter for Westwood One Radio. 
Now he lives and still works in radio in Lake Havasu City after recovering from a horrible near-death auto accident.
(See News & Tidbits.)
Kathy Hansen
Then: Started as intern at KZZP in 1982 then on to KKFR, KLite, Y95, then to DC's WAVA, over to program in Sioux Falls at KELO and returning to Phoenix at KNIX/Real Country Network. 1999-2003 Marketing Director at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.
 Now: Own an event planning business and work with GC Marketing Group out of Scottsdale. Currently on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame with Hans Olson, John Dixon, Clarke Rigsby, Mike Patinela and Jesi Colter. Looking forward to a terrific reunion. That is going to be one busy week here in Phoenix. April 17th - Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame inductions! April 22-23 the first spring NASCAR races at PIR! April 22-24 Alice Coopers Annual Charity weekend for his foundation 'Solid Rock'!                        hansenkathy1@qwest.net

Barry Joseph

Formerly on the engineering staff at KAIR Radio and KGUN-TV, Tucson.
Barry recently retired after many years as VP, Manager -Video and Multimedia Production for Bank of America in San Francisco.
(1977 photo, right)

Marty Manning 
"KCAC 1969-71  KDKB 1971-72  Other stations in Texas, Cal, and Cincinnati until 1985. '85 til present  99.9 (KLZI/KESZ)  occasional Channel 3 stuff in there too. 
Now, running all over town in the KEZ  Funmobile and filling in for Beth & Bill on 99.9 KEZ.  Always love going to the Survivors banquet when I can, although I'm still trying to use up all the Hair Removal Sessions I won in the raffle that one year."
Erika Smith Royal 
Then: Worked for WEA in merchandising, did promotion for Atlantic Records, KOPA mornings and music director, KSLX (survived Radio for Men), KNIX, KMLE, KMXX nights, helped launch KZON (also music director and middays) and KSLX (2nd round) middays and music director.   
Now: Ebaying, rescuing domestic rabbits, holding down the homefront while my husband (Billy Royal) works as Operations Manager at Cricket Pavilion and keeping my daughter Tasha's laundry done when she ventures home from NAU.

Larry Schnebly
Larry was at KGUN-TV as Production Manager and Sales Manager for many years.  
He is now retired, but still doing voice-overs. He was elected into the Tucson Ad Federation's
Hall of Fame in l986,  one of Tucson Father of the Year awardees in 1998, plus being
named to the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame and NTA's Silver and Gold Circle Societies.
Laurie Schnebly 
Advertising copywriter in Phoenix since 1979.  Also teaching romance novelists about Character Psychology and The Selling Synopsis, and publishing as Laurie Campbell (see www.bookLaurie.com).

Burt Schneider
Formerly with KTKT-FM, KAIR, KTUC, KNDE, KJYK, KWFM, WBUR Boston, and Armed Forces Radio in New York and Taipei. 
Now at KUAZ Tucson. 
Terry Sorensen
Formerly, commercial television production.  
Currently, supply equipment to television producers.

George King
1956-63: Cameraman,director,sales, and weatherman. KTVK. 
1963-66: Own ad agency, Garland Agency, Curran-Morton Advertising.  
60's: Freelance talent (worked with Frank Sprague).  
60's: Sang with backup group at Ramsey Studios and Ariz. Recorders...was there when Duane Eddy discovered his "Twang".  And, lots of other stuff that now make for really wonderful memories.  Hi to Andy Limber, Old buddy Vic Figarelli and many others. 
Retired after a long (37 years)career in PR for education associations and a national union of federal employees with some time out to teach at  Washington State and Bradley Universities.  Am now being urged to seek Gen. Managership of local public
radio station. Another decade...another challenge. 
Biff Jannuzzi
     Biff says, "Here are a couple of photos from the past.  The Chavez one was taken in Yuma March 15, 1981.  The later one with Sonny Bono was in Illinois.  Since it's tough to regress without a lot of expensive surgery I more closely resemble the second photo.  I've enjoyed attending a couple of Survivors banquets but can't seem to stay on the mailing list of upcoming events.  Of course there's always this site.
     "I continue promoting my book Profiles in Curry, A Spicy Variety of Conversations and Stories and working for a Westwood One radio and Internet news wire service". 
Windy and Diana McDonald
Then: Traffic Manager. Started at KRIZ when it was in its 
heyday with Pat McMahon, Ron Edwards, W. Steven Martin, Tom McMurray, etc....Spent some time at KBBC and then KOOL-FM. Spent 17 years with 98 KUPD. 
Now: Enjoying life to its fullest.

     He wrote: Have been announcing and doing P.R. for auto races, mainly at Manzanita Speedway since 1957. Have also announced at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, PIR, Globe-Miami, Tucson and El Centro, CA. Enjoyed several years with the Phoenix Press Box Association and served as president in 1984. Recently completed a book, "Thunder in the Desert" which covers the history of auto racing in the Phoenix area from 1909-1980.
After retirement and a long illness, Windy passed away recently.
KRIZ in the 60's, the only girl in the picture.
At the mike in 1959.
Paul Miller
     I've come full circle! I started my career in Arizona and I am back after more than 2 decades of 
nomadic behavior. Yes, even some Traffic people job-hop as much as the on-air folks!  I got the broadcasting bug while at ASU listening to my hero Art Webb on KBBC and the likes of Lew Jones 
on KUPD.Later,in my first broadcasting job,I was a "gopher" at KTAR/KKLT where I eventually got to 
work with both of them!  One day while I was filling in for the receptionist, the General Manager of KTAR  came by and said, "how would you like to do Traffic?". I said "would I have to get in a 
helicopter?"....And of course he said it was the kind of Traffic where you print out a log. After my 
initial disappointment, I said sure, I'll do anything to stick around!
     Well, long story short (not really!), that was the start of my career in Broadcast Traffic Operations. 
While I was Traffic Assistant at KTAR/KKLT, I also was a DJ at a restaurant. I left KTAR/KKLT to go to 
the short lived news-talk KSUN. Boy was that a mistake! The restaurant I worked for transferred me 
to Houston,TX, where I also continued my career in Traffic. Since then, I have been Traffic Manager in 
Houston at KPRC-TV. I moved to Columbus,Ohio and was Traffic Manager at WSYX-TV. I returned to Houston and was Traffic Manager at KTXH-TV and later KHOU-TV. My next stint was at KTVT-TV in Dallas/Ft.Worth. Finally, before returning to Arizona, I was Traffic Manager at WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland, Ohio.
     Currently, I am Traffic Coordinator for KAET-TV in Tempe, on the ASU campus. I am roaming the same hallways I did as a student 25 years ago! Family has brought me back to Arizona. And shoveling the driveway in Cleveland also had something to do with it! 
Matt Ganis

Then: news director at kool radio  1978-1985 news director at kfnn radio  1991-1995 news anchor/ sports talk show host  kfyi radio 1989-1991. voice of the talking phonebook--creative services 
manager  1987-1991 owner/operator media 911--working with small businesses to develop media kits...teach interview techniques...and get their unique stories told on compatible media outlets.

Now:  with the vast changes in the industry and the presentation of news...i decided to become licensed in property and casualty insurance. i have been a top ten performer for progressive insurance since 1998. the only thing i had sold before was a ten speed bicycle in college...now i find i have an innate ability to sell. wish i knew that when i was in the broadcasting industry. perhaps now i would bew the gm of a top news/talk/sports AM and progressive rock/folk on FM. i still maintain a few clients from media 911 but i have phased out full time operations since i have enjoyed my success at progressive.

Comment: i want to thank don andrews...who took a big chance on hiring a rock announcer as a newscaster at koolfm. without his mentoring i would never have succeeded in establishing a career in news. he taught the little things..those things that make a difference between competency and accomplishments that led to numerous awards during my tenure. don was patient, humble, dynamic, extremely intelligent and knowledgable in so many different subjects...he would be great at jeopardy. he basically taught me news 101-401 in the time we were together. my only desire is that he knows how much i appreciate him to this day...and that any stories to the contrary were caused by a vicious smear due to an unknown agenda by a person i never would have believed to have perpetrated such a divisive tactic. i will always honor and cherish the time i was given the opportunity by don to work with him and absorb his incredible fairness and honesty. what more could you ask for in a news director?

Scotty Johnson

Then: My first job was at the age of 12 filing records at  KIST-AM Santa Barbara, CA on the air at 14 years of age.Full time at KACL-AM Santa Barbara. Started this in 1962. Also worked wk-ends at KVEN-AM, Ventura. Although my mom didn't like me riding my Honda 50 
motorcycle to Ventura, CA from Santa Barbara. Then 1970 came along and it was off to the  U.S.Army, 10 months at FT.Ord, CA then Vietnam , I knew Gary Owens and he turned me on to The AFRTS and hence I spent 7 months on choppers and 5 months as the morning guy on The American Forces Vietnam Network, I was the 2nd morning  guy portraid by Robin 
Williams in Good Morning Vietnam..If you want more I will send..I've been in radio continusly since 1964.

Now:  Working for Bobby Rich on mix-fm Tucson.

Comment:  I was the morning man for KRQQ Tucson..1982-1987 I can send a complete resume to fill the gaps..My radio jobs include Portland ,OR..Seattle,WA..Phoenix,AZ and San 
Diego,CA I actually started radio in 1962 at KIST-AM filing records..and running Angel baseball games, had my 3rd with Broadcast endorsement FCC type in 1963.

Duncan Campbell
     Duncan writes: "Worked at Channel 10, KOOL-TV, when Jack Murphy was the production manager.  Retired, after 28 years in the USAF, retired as a Brigadier General, now living in Charlottesville, Virginia.
     I remember Tom Chauncey, Jack Murphy, Homer Lane, Ralph Painter, Kent Wilson, Jay ?, .  Worked as a cameraman from about 1956/7 to 1959.  We telecast the Phoenix Open, Wide Wide World, Art Linkletter's House Party, and the Lew King Ranger Show on Saturdays with a youngster named, as I recall, Wayne Newton and his brother.
     I would LOVE to get in touch with Bob Davies."

Jim West
     Jim writes: I've had a life-long love of radio and many goals I set for myself were realized. My first full time radio gig was at KHOS,Tucson then worked for Jim Sloan at KCUB,Tucson. In 1979 I achieved a goal of working at KNIX,Phoenix starting in the overnight shift and then ending up following .Steven Martin in middays for 7 years. Loved working for Buck and Mike Owens and Larry Daniels has been a mentor to me and countless other "country" jocks over the years. I was the "station voice" of KTSP Channel 10 when it was still a CBS affiliate from 83 to 86. 
     Went on to market leader WFMS, Indianapolis for 2 years as production director and in late 1986 and then was fortunate to be one of the first people hired to startup KMLE, Phoenix as a country station in 1988. Enjoyed working with J.D. Freeman, the late H.G. Listiak, Bill Gardner(now at KOOL)Big Shoe Stu Evans and later Tim and Willy (now KNIX) and Steve Wood (now Steve Wood Voice-works). During my time at KMLE I served on the Board of Directors of the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC in Hollywood and helped plan their annual CBS network tv awards show.  Was 
also lucky to be named a finalist for Large Market air personality of the Year from the Nashville based Country Music Association (CMA).
     In 1993 I left PHOENIX again to do the radio roulette up-and-down the dial thing. I spent time as 
Ops.Manager of various stations in Albuquerque, Baltimore, Macon, Georgia and PD of a satellite 
radio network in Vail, Colorado.  
     In late 2003 it was time for me to come back home to the valley and I've spent the last few months pursuing a sales career and looking to return to some local voice-over work. I'm also back part time weekends at KMLE (Camel Country 108).
     I will always treasure the chance to work side by side with lots of talented on-air and behind the 
scenes radio and tv folks in the Phoenix market.
Tony Booth
     Tony writes: "I came to Phoenix from KLIF/Dallas as the first PD of KBBC...Ralph Beaudin hired me in 1974...left and, for a short while, sold for KRIZ...
     I am now part owner of an ad/pr firm in Richmond, Virginia (Martin, Silver and Clients) and still do on air work for Clear Channel in both Richmond and Charlottesville, Va...I also do 'bit parts' in movies  ("The Contender", "Hannibal", "Hearts in Atlantis") and play a cop from time to time on "The FBI Files."
     I would love to hear from some of the old gang at KBBC and KTAR...what a wonderful time I had in Phoenix.  The best time was the birth of my son, Mike, at St. Joseph's hospital.  He was born June 5, 1976 the night the Suns went triple overtime with Boston...one of the greatest 
games EVER in NBA history, and Al McCoy was there to call every play.
Russ Jackson
     Russ writes: "DJ/Newscaster at various Tucson radio stations 1950's-60's, retired broadcast educator from Palomar collge in San Diego County.
     Retired in northern California.  Wrote "Remembering Tucson Radio," concentrating on era from the beginning to 1960s, with pictures and charts, and available at Tucson Public, U of A, and Historical Society libraries or by writing me.  A digest version is available at  http://www.oldradio.com/archives/stations/tus/tusradio.htm 
     Does Neil Sargent remember doing Lucky Lager Dance Time on KTAR?"  

Mike Mazursky
     Mike writes: "Son of co-founder of Lotus Communication,Larry Mazursky. Worked at K-life KLFF 1360 AM(KRUX) and KONC 106.3 FM(KWAO). Account executive under Jim Fraser then Local Sales Manager.
     Just sold 4M communications,5 AM's in richmond,Va.  Now Vice-President Sales and Marketing Davidson Media Group,Largest radio group in multi-cultural radio east of the mississipi.
     Hello to all my old friends!"

Patricia Myers (formerly Pat McElfresh)

     Patricia writes: "With byline Pat McElfresh, I was an editor and writer for the Mesa Tribune (1965-72 & 1979-86) and Scottsdale Daily Progress (1972-79). I also wrote a weekly Jazz Sounds column for 17 years for those newspapers. Former stringer for TIME magazine, contributing editor to TIME-LIFE Books. Author (1984, 1988 revised) 100-year history, "Scottsdale: Jewel in the Desert" (Windsor Publications, Calif.) Restaurant critic and entertainment columnist for 
Phoenix Magazine (1986-89), Food Editor of Arizona Republic (1989-95), entertainment reporter (1995-97). Four years as faculty adjunct in ASU mass comm dept. Former member Phoenix Press Club. First job, while a student at Univ. of Akron (Ohio): part-time sportswriter & police reporter, Cleveland Plain Dealer. 
     Full-time free-lance writer specializing in travel, food & jazz for print & web (na'tl & internat'l  
publications, AllAboutJazz.com).Contributor to jazz encyclopedias. Longtime member, past president, Communicator of Achievement, Arizona Press Women. Founding member/past president/volunteer, Jazz In AZ (jazzinaz.org). Member Alliance Francaise. Former comissioner Scottsdale Historic Preservation, contined activity on SHP committee.  
     I've enjoyed Survivors reunions for many years, and pleased it continues so I get to catch up with those I don't see regularly. This year's reunion at Bud Brown's Barn was great; I vote for a return there in '06. Will assist with arrangements as needed. As many know,  I always wear hats, so for the reunion, I wore a perky hat given to me by Mary Simunich, longtime PR whiz, in her honor. 

"I always wear hats, so for the reunion, I 
wore a perky hat given to me by Mary Simunich, 
longtime PR whiz, in her honor." 

Read our latest batch of "Where Are They Nows?"
Carole V. Bartholomeaux
Started in college as the KRIZ Girl, hired by Pat 
McMahon; after graduating from college worked at 
KJJJ when it was #2 in the market, #1 in country.
President, BARTHOLOMEAUX/Public Relations, LLC 
www.b-pr.com Founded March, 1983.  Wide cross 
section of clients.

Chuck Boozer
Working for the Hendrick family in Charlotte, NC, and freelance voice 
and on-camera talent.
He writes:
The city of Phoenix has grown and changed so much since I worked there!

LeeAnn Sharpe (formerly LeeAnn Pease) 
She writes:
As a freelance writer my work has taken me all over 
the world. Most of my work has been based here in 
the greater Phoenix area.  It all started with the 
Maryvale High School Panther Tracks 1968-1972, 
Associated Press Stringer 1973-1976, Valley National 
Bank Eagle Newspaper 1976-1982, a regular feature in 
the HP Chronicle 1980-1990, SMEC trade publications, 
SHOOT magazine, Guns of the Old West Harris 
Publications, ACMSA, CMSA Rundown Editor 1999-2005, 
and most recently MSA Mounted Shooters World News.  
Writing, editing and selling advertising has been my 

Frank Zimmerman
He writes:
    I was employed as a stereotyper at the Republic and Gazette. I was a 
great Roadrunner hockey fan. But I am writing to ask where is Johnny 
McKinney, of KRUX fame in the 50s and 60s..
    Also, how about my employer, Gene and Nina Pullium. I see not one 
word about any of these three people. 
    I was just a Joe six-pack working slob, although I helped keep the 
Phoenix papers full of color back in the days when they first started 
running color. I am one a few of the guys from the old days that are 
still left.
     I live in Gresham, Oregon, with my wife of nearly 63 years this coming 
8/28. We have 3 kids, eight Gkids, and 14 GGkids, quite a family. This 
ia about enough right now. I really enjoyed looking at this site, which 
my son, Rick, who lives up here also, found out about and sent to me.
    I have a lot of nostalgia about Phoenix. Loved it down there, and 
indeed, wish I could once again live there, but at 82 years of age, I 
no longer want to be moving around the country. Thank you for this 
opportunity to communicate in this vein

Jim Sullins
1962-1964  Writer/Producer Lew King Advertising
1964-1971  Copywriter/Acct. Exec. Owens & Associates
Retired in eastern North Carolina, have spent from 
1971-1999 in the home building business in AZ, TX 
and Maryland.  Own a modular home dealership in NC, 
which keeps me busy.
Jim writes:
Hi, Ray!  I stumbled onto this website while 
Googling names of old friends.  Good for you.  This 
is a terrific thing you guys are doing.
Dewey Hopper
He writes:
I got fired from all the stations at one time or 
I'm producing a big event in old town Scottsdale.  
It's called the Scottsdale Roundup it'll be on 
Thursdays in Jan./Feb.and will start off each day 
with a cattle drive...check out 
This is a great web site.  It's really fun to catch 
up on old friends.
Scott Thrower
Nights at KOPA-FM and KZZP-FM in the early 80's.
Mornings at KKFR with Danny Bonaduce in the early 90's.
Swing at KMLE in the late 90's.
Have been doing mornings since January 2000 at KURB/Little Rock.

Jonathan Abel

Jonathan writes:
     I started here in the valley at age 12 with Jack Willis over at KHEP FM "The Station to Live 
By"...while at ASU I hosted and produced two weekly programs on KAET PBS. First gig after 
college I was News Director at KHAI AM in Hawaii, then moved to KGMB and established the "Coconut Wireless" news feeds to the Hawaiian chain. Back to Phoenix in the early 70's and was radio news then Creative Director at KTAR AM and FM. Best gig I ever had. I later became Creative Director for Motorola 
Corporate...it was the biggest electronics company in the world at the time and I handled 80 trade 
shows a year, 115 distributors and produced hundreds of videos for them. It was an "E-Ticket 
Ride" but the stress could make you crazy!
     I've now voiced around 3,000 radio and TV spots and performed over 60 different celebrity voices 
and 21 dialects for clients in projects. Sang a national jingle the other day - frozen food. I also do 
special video and audio projects for our National Parks visitor centers. Recently worked for the 
Grand Canyon, Civil War Battlefields, Spruce Goose, Air Force Academy, Old Town San Diego and San Juan Bautista Mission.
     I've been photographing scenics and wildlife (primarily rare and endangered species); just 
finished a 5-state photographic project for the Nez Perce Indian Nation and a commercial piece for a 
bank in the Caribbean...next month I'll be shooting in Equador for a few weeks in an Amazon nature 
preserve and then over to the Galopagos Islands. I was traveling during the last "Survivors" party, 
but I sure hope to be at the next one! After all - I'm one of the few known individuals who can 
impersonate the voices of Dave Nichols, Joe Patrick, Ladmo, H.G. Listiac and Pat 

Cathy Green
1974-1979 -Media Buyer at Taylor Advertising in 
Tucson; 1979-1984 Sales and Management at KOLD-TV 
(CBS); 1984-1989 Sales and Management at 93.7 KRQQ; 
then Skyview Traffic & Pima County Fair Consultant, 
Sales and Management at Slone Broadcasting (99.5 
KIIM; 107.5 KHYT)and Journal (KMXZ, KZPT, KGMG)
Now, General Manager for Jim Slone's new station - AM 
1030 KCEE (Pop Classics).  We went on the air 
February 4, 2007.  I always said I wanted to retire 
working for Jim Slone! 
Unfortunately Jim sold the station and Cathy moved on.
Sandy Gibbons
Sandy writes: 
The most noteworthy thing I've done is appear on 
the Wallace and Ladmo show in various guises 
whenever Pat McMahon was on vacation...other than that I was the News anchor on TV5 in the 60's had a show called dialing for dollars...had an ad agency with Jim Fraser (I took bows...he did the work!) also appeared in 50 films including "Tombstone" Tin Cup" Used Cars" and "Little House on the Prarie" Shared the stage at Legend City with Miss America Vonda Kay Van Dyke '65..teach Acting now...
anybody wanna get into the movies????
Editor's Note: Sorry to report Sandy has passed away
Carol Starr
     My writing career started in Phoenix, Arizona with columns in Phoenix Gazette and Arizona Republic as a professional Astrologer. 
     Also appeared on KTAR, TV with astrological forecasts, Phoenix Magazine and small syndicated column.  
     Life has taken me to far off places.  I wrote two books, and currently writing for Demand Studios online.  
     My second husband Jim and I live mostly in Newport, Oregon and a few months spent in the Prescott Area. Kids are grown and life is good.
                     Carol (Starr) Stanleycarolstanley1@yahoo.com
You may not recognize the name Andrew Alexander Limberopoulos, but you probably recall Andy Limber, the former ad agency and television production company owner.

Andy successfully worked his way through college in radio and was later employed as continuity director at KTVK-TV-3 in Phoenix.  He then became the producer/writer at Allen C. Reed Advertising on the Hallcraft Homes account and spokesperson Jeanne Metzger. After five years with Reed, Andy started his own ad agency in 1965.  

     Considering himself “unretired,” Andy is currently busy writing a newspaper commentary column under his pen name, ‘Drew Alexander,’ along with numerous other writing projects.   

Andy Limber
 Sandy writes:
    Been in the business since the early 60's when my first job was with KOOL Radio.  Then, TV-Guide, KHJ in Los Angeles and a couple agencies in Arizona (Curran-Morton/Toppino-Golden-Schust/Owens & Associates) before opening my own shop in 1973, The Cowen Agency, Inc.  
     In the mid-90's the agency morphed into more of a national and international consulting entity where I did strategic market positioning work for major corporations.  That ended that in 2003.  
     Was CEO of Fresh Start Women's Foundation for nearly 4 years (to help shore-up a nonprofit I helped get off the ground) and now, I am having fun - doing a tiny bit of consulting and pursuing other passions: am an expert on holistic healing (book/speaker) and intuitive pursuits (too weird to go into here - ha).   Love our business - and love all my old, dear friends. See you soon!
Sandy Cowen
Harry Shapiro
 Harry writes:    
       The radio career for Harry Shapiro began in 1965 at WSOU on the campus of Seton Hall University.  From the days on the college station, which covered the New York Metro area, I was hired at WMTR in Morristown,NJ, using Harry B. Shapiro and WDHA in Dover, NJ, using Harry Bruce as my alias.  Moved to Arizona in 1970.  My first position was at KMND in Mesa, as one of the Country Gentlemen, Harry Bruce the Dude!  Following the sale of KMND, I went on to take Al McCoy's place as play by play announcer for the Phoenix Giants on radio.  That led to filling out the 70s on KOOL, KTAR, KJJJ and helped open KWAO in Sun City. During that time, through Plaza Three, I was on many commercials, voice overs and a few movie bit parts.  I was lured back to KOOL for five more years in the 80s.  While there, I started Disc Jockey Services, which is still in existence.  Through most of the 80s and 90s, I was the play by play announcer and talk show host on local cable TV with Storer, Dimension and Republic Cable.
    During the 80s, I began to change tracks, but still in communication, as a ad sales person and writer for Pueblo Publishers in the west valley.  I joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce with the DJ service in the 80s.  Due to that relationship, I became a full time employee at Vice President of Operations with the Glendale Chamber in 1991.  And I'm still there!
Above: The photo is me with Rex Allen, Jr. and Jim West.  Jim and I are the co hosts of the annual Marty Robbins Tributes in Willcox and the Glendale area.

 I love to help others, so I am heavily involved with Kiwanis, Deer Valley Education Foundation, Banner Community Council, Glendale Civic Pride Ambassadors and the Seton Hall University Alumni Association of Arizona. 

My foray into electricity and communications started at the young age in the 1950s' when as a toddler I stuffed his dad's keys into an electrical outlet and wondered what great power lay inside the wall that could throw out such a flash of light and heat... I was hooked!

In the 60s - Building telephones and radio receivers and transmitters and novel electronic devices was a thrill! I soon learned there were kids that dreamt of being "On The Air' and I was able to build a transmitter and mixing board and all the goodies for neighborhood radio station. Even took my turn behind the mike hosting the infamous Von Grimper Show! 

In the 70's in the US Air Force - worked on a wide array of communications related equipment for tactical and entertainment purposes.

When off duty - did photography for the Luke AFB newspaper and had numerous items appearing in off base local papers ... in addition picked up some advertising photography work.

After the USAF I owned a photography business catering to advertising work, back to electronics with a computer and engineering business and in recent years electronic media presence the Glendale Daily Planet, which was the first Glendale Arizona News Media Outlet to receive an Emmy® Award. In addition, this was also the first Advanced Media Emmy Award to be presented for Breaking news/ Continuing Coverage in the Rocky Mountain Region.

I am still available for consulting on a wide variety of communication technology areas. I am comfortable holding a mike or being the one to wire it up in circuit.

My big love is documenting the history of communications and computation see www.smecc.org. the site explains more about me than this ever could.

Currently researching TelePrompTer cable TV - Prescott, Max Porter from KTAR and other early Phoenix radio and TV history. 

Ed says, "I urge you... do not throw anything away... contact us. couryhouse@aol.com 623 435 1522... Every day hits the dumpster... we need to save some of it!

Send papers, sit and tape a group of memories... it is ALL important!"
See the SMECC Broaddcasting and  Media  Museum at     www.smecc.org 

Marlene writes- 
     I have been blessed with the most wonderful career one could hope to enjoy, beginning in the classified advertising department of the Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette in 1968 – two days after graduating from Mesa High.  I was promoted to Bill Shover’s department (Community & Corporate Services) eight months later. Little did I know my life and career direction would change forever. In addition to Shover, I had the privilege and good fortune to learn from and work with incredibly talented and creative pros like Pat Poulson, Bob Bulla, Jackie Pettycrew. 
     I joined the Phoenix Junior Ad Club by 1970 and, in 1972, was elected the first woman president. I went on to serve as the District 12 Governor, Ad 2 Western Region Chair and then Ad 2 National Chair (all incredible experiences). 
     In 1982, I joined Channel 10 (CBS) and started their Community Relations Department. Thanks always to Bill Miller for making possible that move into broadcast. I followed Bill, Phil Alvidrez, Dennis O’Neill, David Miller, Tom Heidinger to 3TV (ABC) in September, 1986. 
     To go from working with the absolute best in the newspaper business to the absolute best in broadcast … well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. We formed the Community Relations Department at 3TV, presenting another exciting new world of blessings and opportunities. 
     I left 3TV in 2004 and worked with Bill and his team at MagicDust Television as a producer for NASCAR Angels, a nationally-syndicated reality show, traveling the country for four years on a whole new adventure. 
     This year marks my 31st anniversary on The Salvation Army’s Phoenix Advisory Board and my 16th year on their National Advisory Board. I volunteer full-time for the Army but am always open to consulting and special projects. 
     My husband Rex has two daughters and I am Grandmar to five really special grandkids. I am grateful that my sweet Mom still cheers and supports my every move … and I am forever grateful to Shover, Pat, Bill and so many others who have not only shown me the way, but continue to support me with every step, even today. 

     The Survivors would like to thank Marlene for the photos she takes during our reunion every year. You can see those posted here on this site.

Klotz Collins
KC Writes:

Started in Radio in the SIXTIES back east when I was 
13. Working at the local MOR radio station. then in 
the early seventies worked at KVSF and other 
stations in New Mexico. Worked All Nights at KRUX 
for a time in the mid seventies and eventually 
became the Morning man in 1979-1980 until KRUX went 
off the air. After that I went to KOOL FM where I 
was there for seven years. 

Stations I worked at here in the valley and Arizona 
included KUPD FM and AM, KTAR, KBBC, KCUB, KRIZ, and 
ofcourse the Metal Monster Z-ROCK KZRX-FM. 

Right now working on putting on an Internet radio 
station that features Political and Local talk. And 
eventually will include shows like KC'S Krankin' 
Klassics and Blast From the PAST oldies and hard 

Anyone interested in contacting me please email me a 


     The windy city of Chicago...is an understatement to Carole Kann because her first venture into the ad business was, in fact, on the notably windiest corner in the world...Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive. Kann's job description was that of assistant at a radio station to the disc jockeys and newsmen. Incredibly, two of the jocks were the cities most popular: the Jesse Owens of Olympic fame and Marty Faye...the Howard Stern of the day. It was a fast-paced celebrity-filled party everyday but it soon became apparent that in a job like this she would most likely never have an opportunity to advance in the career she really wanted. Soon, she was offered a job at a well-known ad agency...and cut her new advertising teeth on accounts like Budget-Rent-Car owned by founders Jules Lederer and his then wife, Ann Landers. Mercury Records was another account she was assigned to and met performers such as The Chad Mitchell Trio, managed at that time by Ken Kragen...who later...with Bob Geldorf…co-founded "We Are the World". What an amazing introduction into the the world of Marshall Mcluhan. Kann soon found out, however it wasn't all Martinis and Media...it was hard work and creativity...because without it...there would always be wolves at the door waiting to whisk your clients away. 
     Upon moving to Phoenix...she was introduced to Allen Reed by Tal Walker...he told her Reed was the hardest working man in the industry and if she wanted to learn it all...he was the man to work for...and so she did. During her interview, she shared with Reed that she wanted to own an agency one day...he responded..."you're hired...go for it". She credits people like Ray Lindstrom, Ron Croft, Bill Gately, Ray Odom and Jack Block for helping her learn to efficiently and wisely buy time. Maurie Helle was of enormous help showing Carole the ropes regarding production and direction for her many clients, First National Bank, Hallcraft Homes, Charlie Rossie Ford and Owens Corning to name a few. Local resident and struggling artist, Nick Nolte was her favorite and frequent talent pick…and we all know the rest is history! 
     Being fortunate to have had caring mentors in her career Carole felt that she wanted to pay it forward by hiring staff members even if they had little experience. She taught and helped them advance; after all, someone had to take a chance on them and afford them the opportunities she had enjoyed. 
   Eventually, Carole became partners with Reed (Reed Kann Advertising)...later buying him out and continuing as Carole Kann & Associates. Expansion and many more accounts later...Kann became involved with many charities...chairing the American Cancer Society's marketing committee...Robert Redford's pet charity benefitting the Hopi Nation, United Way's Special events committee..Phoenix Symphony Marketing board...as well as being fortunate enough to work with many other celebrities as talent or with them on other charity events. Can you believe, even Arthur Godfrey???? 
     Carole believes that anyone who was in the business during that time was so lucky as she believes there never was or never will be another time like it ever again. Perhaps a little like Mad Men.....with a difference...we really all liked each other then...and now continue to show our affection for one another through our annual Survivor's reunions. 
     Kann states…”being one of the three founders of the Survivors is perhaps one of the best contributions I have made in my career as so much love fills the reunion venue each year”. She looks forward to joining in the festivities as often as she can get back to the Valley. 
     Now living in Palm Desert and San Diego...Carole will always call Phoenix home...home to so many fond memories and loving friends. 
"Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end". 
Editor's note: 
Sorry to report that Carole passed away May 6, 2022. Obit
Carole today
1976 Studio shot used in magazines for Da-Lite Photo Equipment
1983 with Phil Donahue at Fantasy Baseeball Camp
1988 with Sonny Bono at the Palm Springs Film Festiveal

she writes...
In 1962, I was a Phoenix College student looking for a job. I was naïve and inexperienced but determined to learn everything books had to offer.  Little did I know then that, within the next few years, my most valuable experiences would come not from books but from working with a team of professionals dedicated to the power of words and images. 

My first job in advertising was as a part-time receptionist at S. J. Kossack & Associates located on the 13th floor of the Guarantee Bank on Central Avenue. Don James was my boss. A year later, I started working for the Curran-Morton Advertising Agency as Ken Morton’s executive secretary. 
Although my responsibilities were more mundane than creative, I soon found that I was part of a hard-working team full of new ideas and projects for new clients. One of my responsibilities was to type the final draft of the sacrosanct Client Presentation.  Because the words were important, my job was to provide the content with the aesthetic appeal of a perfectly typed page with justified text of the left and right margins.

“How did this go?”  you ask. As Ken’s secretary, I had a new Selective II typewriter which was capable of correcting even the most egregious of errors. Nevertheless, my task was clear: create no errors.  This was, of course, a frightening thought since any error on my part meant starting each page over. Still, in time, I learned to type without errors.  Okay. Maybe this wasn’t always true, but I did learn three important lessons anyway: (1) always work to the best of your ability;  (2) learn to be patient when a client presentation is over 300 pages long; and (3) words and pictures tell important stories.

Most of all, I remember the client’s story and the people that told them. Fred Glimpse, an ad executive and copywriter, wrote the words for advertisements. Chuck Abbott put the stories on film. (By the way, Chuck was responsible for my one claim to fame when he hired me to appear in an Arizona Public Service commercial where I effortlessly flicked on a light switch).  Barry Wickcliffe and Holly Hill, artists, told stories by creating visual material by hand. Molly Shons and Marge Szegedi, radio and newspaper buyers, made sure the stories got to the right places. Still, in advertising, I found that going to work was more than—ah—just work.  It was also a fun place where friendships developed.  Barry and Holly kept a dart board on the art department’s wall for friendly competition. Molly kept the staff on their toes by creating quizzes on everything from history to English grammar.  In addition, Molly mentored me in literature by suggesting classics she felt everyone should read.  I will never forget her for her wisdom and kindness.  

In 1967, I left Phoenix, but not the lessons I learned about the importance of words.  In Dayton, Ohio, I graduated cum laude from Wright State University with a B.A. in English. In California, I earned a M.A. from California State University in reading. Later, I taught graduate students in crosscultural, language, and academic development. In 2001, I became an instructional specialist at Chaffey College where I created success centers for readers and writers who had their own stories to tell. I retired in 2013 and, today, I am tutoring first and second graders in reading. 

You can contact Cecilia: ctbest1@sbcglobal.net
Cecilia today
Cecilia, 20 years old, at an advertising awards banquet 
  She writes...

Old Days for me began in around 1968, I was hired by Douglass Hoppe Stone the Creative Director of the new Advertising Agency A&M Associates in downtown Phoenix, located in The Towers. This was to be the advertising agency for the UHaul Corportion that was moving headquarters from Portland Oregon.

Doug was replaced by Wayne Lanford Creative Director, Duane Swanson was president of the agency. I was Assistant Art Director. The art department had 5 artists, Wayne Horne, Ray Stewart, Randy Irvine, Gary Roberts and myself. We set out to bring in outside accounts and were successful in landing KOY Radio Gary Edens President, WR Schultz & Associates, a land development company, & Legend City to name a few. I worked closely with all these accounts as art director.

A side tangent, about this time I met and married Bill Kirkpatrick, we had our wedding party at Legend City, Bill was manager of Legend City.

After 7 years at A&M I went to Bozell and Jacobs Advertising, Wally Butterworth was president of the agency at that time. I was Creative Director and our top clients were, 1st Interstate Bank of Arizona , Salt River Project, APS, & Legend City. While working here I became involved in video and TV commercials with KPHO TV then the top independent Television station owned by Meredith Corporation. 

There was a job opening at KPHO and I was hired by Ed Aiken as creative director. While at KPHO I was responsible for set design and art direction of TV shows and all the advertising associated with the station. Worked closely with all the directors and TV personalities of KPHO, Wallace and Ladmo, Rita Davenport, & The news crew. 

About this time I revived the defunct Phoenix Art Directors Club, as president we worked to bring in noted speakers and to honor outstanding advertising in the Phoenix community. A great place to meet and greet your contemporaries in the advertising world.

KPHO started experimenting with animation for the station logo and I went to Denver to explore moving logos for the station, fell in love with the design medium of animation. Found a creative Directors job for an animation corporation, Peters Production in San Diego California. I was responsible for TV broadcasting on-air identities and station print advertising for TV stations around the United States.

Life changes brought me back to Phoenix, to work for a short period of time, Patten Agency, & Subia Corporation and then back to my first love, TV and ABCs KTVK owned by the Mcfarland family. Was hired as creative director and worked there till I went out on my own as a freelance designer and animator working with Bruce Peterson Photography.

Retired and living in Washington, still free lancing now and then but mostly traveling and enjoying where I am in life, have to say being a part of the advertising world in the early stages of the 60s through 80s was a defining experience, I was very fortunate to have bosses who were willing to teach and encourage me.

Follow me on our travel blog brucewpeterson.com some lovely photography and interesting places to see.
You can contact Wendi at wendigay@icloud.com

Wendi today
Wendi Kirkpatrick Peterson
A&M Associates Right Ray Stewart, Wayne Horne, Wendi Kirkpatrick, Michelle, Randy Irvine, Wayne Lanford
Wendi and Randy for photo shoot
Office at Bozell and Jacobs
Duane Swanson and me A&M Associates

  He writes...
I grew up in Tucson and my goal in life was to be a disc jockey. Lofty goal, huh? I did become one, working at many stations in town, and finally at the station I aspired to, the great Top 40 rocker KTKT. I also graduated from the University of Arizona with a business degree.


In 1965 I transferred to KTKT’s sister station in Phoenix, KRUX, as a salesman and part time disc jockey. In 1968 greatness called. It was Jack Clifford at KTAR-TV, NBC, Channel 12. There I joined the sales dept. for 4 years and really learned the power of TV advertising which would be the basis of my media future.

Mac Jett and I started Lindstrom and Jett Advertising in 1972. We were famous for: 1. Putting Tex Earnhardt on the air the first time. 2. Doing the first commercials for Peter Piper Pizza. 3. Starting the famous “Starving Artists” type traveling art sales that we did for years throughout the US and eventually around the world.

In 1980 I left the agency and teamed up with Nancy Marcum in a company called Media Arts, Intl.. Together we produced the first infomercials. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry. We sold out to a NYSE firm in the late 1980s.

Involved in other media ventures,  I also became owner of several radio stations, TV programs, and newspapers. 

In 1993 Mac and I were partners again and  started a chain of watch and jewelry stores in casinos in Nevada. We owned what was known as the “World’s Largest Watch Store.” It got plenty of media attention and the national NBC Today Show broadcast live from our store in the spring and fall-good visuals for their “turn the clocks back and forward” stories. . Bill Geist did a special feature on us for The CBS Evening News and CBS Sunday Morning. 

In 2007 I retired and moved to Tucson, from whence I came. My hobbies include public speaking and creating various websites...of which this is one. 

I was honored by being inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Assn Hall of Fame in 2014.
Ray on the radio in Tucson in 1960.
Ray with rodeo star Larry Mahan and Tex Earnhardt, 1973 
ABA Hall of Fame Inductees, 2014.
L-R: Ray, Linda Williams, Sharon Kelley, Todd Wallace.
Gerry Cooney
Gerry writes: 
      After serving in the Navy started at ASU in 1964.  After a checkered time there eventually got a work study job at KAET running a camera for shows such as Thursday at Nine.   Then hired at KOOL-TV as a summer replacement and eventually full time in the production department under Maurie Helle.  Left there and helped formed Sooy-Brejtfus advertising.  Went on to wander the earth with various jobs as a dynamiter on an oil exploration crew in the Wyoming Rockies, part owner of a restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska.  While in Anchorage did a season with the Alaska Repatory Theater.  Great fun doing live theater.  Made my  way to Hollywood working rock and roll shows.  Was hired by Three Dog Night as a roadie in 1981 for their comeback tour.  After a year touring, worked on films at the American Film Institute.  Led to work as a grip on the first Terminator movie.  

     Television was still my first love and went to work as a stage manager at the Production Group on Vine street in Hollywood.  Involved in my first start up, The Cable Health Network where we did a half hour news show daily.

     This led to a varied career in Hollywood working on JEOPARDY! for five years as a second TD and still store operator.  Did lotsa local sports, Lakers, Kings etc.  Was senior field production manager for the Long Beach Grand Prix for fifteen years.  Three weeks every year of intense work for a five race weekend with a live production of the Sunday event.  Worked the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics for ABC-TV.  Was production manager for the US Olympic Festivals for BUD sports.

     As well as a stage manager in the Director's Guild became a production manager.  Did several start up such as America's Health Network at Universal Studios, Florida and the The HorseTV Channel in Calabasas, California.  HorseTV sent me to Aachen, Germany for a month to televise the World Equestrian Games.

     As I say I had more fun than most in a career that has taken me all over the country and to Europe doing what I have enjoyed so much.  Currently I am retired and living in North Hollywood.

        Karen DeWall’s involvement in The Survivors should come as no great surprise to anyone in the communications/advertising business in Arizona.
Our board member and treasurer, she was one of the original three people who created this organization some 25 years ago.
Her career covers every possible phase of advertising including media placement, broadcast and print production, public relations, special events, budgeting and research.
In 1971 she and her late husband, Chuck, formed DeWall and Associates Advertising in Phoenix. She created the in-house agency for Van Tuyl Dealerships and built her own agency of Karen and Company in 1993 formed the in-house advertising agency for Chapman Automotive Group.
Not unaccustomed to being involved in the community, Karen was one of three people responsible for the Alumni Association for Phoenix Union High School. Membership has grown to over 2,500 members.
Karen was recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for the Phoenix Chapter of
American Women in Radio and Television. In 1983 she was named Phoenix Advertising Person of the Year.
Active in numerous non-profits over the years, Karen is best known for her dedication to any organization in which she becomes involved.
One of the members of our organization who has worked with her during her entire career says,
“If you looked up loyalty in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Karen.  We are extremely fortunate to have her input in The Survivors. She is often in the background, working on whatever she feels will make our state and community a better place to live.”

Karen DeWall

Maurie writes:
     "It would be easy to say I graduated from grade school and Northwest Broadcasting at the top of my class. And it would be true. However, I went to a one room school and was the only kid in my class.  
     At Broadcasting School, I did it on a correspondence course in night school.
     Accepted the first job in television for which I applied. They gave me a chance to direct and that, 
     I discovered was what I knew I was meant to be.
     Got the job at channel ten in 1962 because a guy they hired never showed.
     Over 50 years of doing what I loved where I wanted to live.  I'm pretty sure there is no one else on the planet that is more fortunate than me.
     Now retired doing volunteer work for some charities and non-profits trying to pay back to all that has been given me.
     Country boy did okay."
Maurie Helle
     Lou Boudreau opened an ad agency, Boudreau & Associates, in the early 80's after a brief stint with Sandy Cowen and a couple years with J&T/FCB and WFC Advertising. Two largest accounts at Boudreau & Associates were Childress Buick and Lennar Homes. 
     He got to work with Phoenix broadcast legend Pat McMahon on many Lennar campaigns. Also he did some project work for the Phoenix-based SkyMall Catalog developing into a full-time position in 2001. 
     Lou spent the next 14 years as their Director of Sales & Branding, reporting directly to SkyMall's President. During that time, he helped in the transformation of the SkyMall Catalog into more of a consumer magazine that, at its peak, was distributed on 10 major airlines with 20 million copies printed quarterly reaching an audience of over 650 million.  As airlines merged creating their own magazines and the majority of the in-flight audience moved to laptops, SkyMall ceased publishing and Lou retired.
     He now spends time with his family and is on a golf course every chance he gets. Recently wrote a book "Going Into My Ninth Inning" available on Amazon.