A special meeting place for
Listen my friends, and you shall hear..
A tale of the best dam bash of the year.
'Twas the 25th of April beginning at five
I started my list of just who did survive.

by Brooke Andrews

In all honesty, the annual Survivor's Reunion is THE best party of the year, one I look forward to eagerly. Our tireless party planning committee did it again, so we must all give a big thanks to: Dee Courtwright-Smoot, Maurie Helle Carole Kann, Jim Fraser and the others I'll mention later. Not only is the party great fun, but Bosom Buddies reaps the benefits from our participation.

With many wonderful surprises throughout the evening, you may think it hard to pick my favorite moment. It isn't. The most memorable event, one that really touched my heart, was due to Sherri Chessen. She brought me a very special present, a signed copy of her new book,  The Gorp's Gift, which should be available in bookstores now. I urge you to get one for the young people in your lifedon't wait for a special occasion, just do it. Not far away were two more of my favorite people, Mel Weiser and "the lady of many fantastic voices," Elayne Stein.

As I've come to expect from these parties, many of my former colleagues and friends were on hand, Phoebe and Ray Thompson, Ted Brown, Ron Conner, Susan &  Guy King, Duane Brady, Larry &  Carol Turoff (Nichols). Also attending were two people I'd wanted to see at a reunion for years. One was Joe Groves and, down from Sedona, was Diane Kalas who hosted Today In Arizona for Channel 12 some years back. Bob Allingham and his lovely wife Ginger were deep in conversation with my darling Emmett Lancaster and his wife Ruth (a wonderful lady)! Ray Smucker, former Channel 12 Station Manager was there, as was Jay Kemp and Bill Linsman. You may remember Bill from the Combined Communications' film division of Channel 12. Well, he now lives in North Hampton, Massachusetts (does he get the prize for attending from farthest away??) where he owns and operates Linsman Directs, filming commercials around the world.

Wallace himself, Bill Thompson was on hand, reminiscing about the Wallace & Ladmo good times with Ken Kennedy whom many remember as Gold Dust Charlie. Don Lincoln, who had been with KRIZ from 59 to 63 was having lots of fun, as were Windy & Diana McDonald and Ray Odom, Sr.. I ran over to give Ardelle Whitehead a big hug and had a chance to chat with Mary and Jean Campbell. Donna Todd and Robert French, visiting from Seattle remembers his days with KRFM and KMEQ. Also from KMEO and KOOL was Faith Viland who is busy now in the antique business.

Sheila Blank attended, mostly to say "Good-bye" before she left town for the Washington, DC area. I spoke with her in early February and learned she is working there part time, in radio. Lee Castor was not far from Mary Seminich who is looking good as usual, and so was Bing Brown, Dick Brader and then my eyes fell on the charming Jo Moyertime for another big hug and kiss!

Other party planners who were having a blast included Brad Berry and his charming mom, Hal Davis, Pat & Wally Grant, Bill Lester, Fran Metcalf, Larry Schenebly, Kevin O'Shaughnessy, Sarah Wiggins, Karen DeWall and Lisa McFadden.

As ever it was a pleasure to see the twinkling eyes of Phil Strausberg, who still calls me "Bambi!" From Channel 12 there's Bill Andres sharing a joke with Bill Denney. I met Bill Ehllinger and introduced myself to the Shoecrafts, while John Scher seemed to be looking over the shoulder of Jack Miller, who has a fabulous recording studio; he is living in Tucson and guides KTTU, Channel 18 as General Manager. Right in the middle, with crowds all around were Ray & Darlene Wyatt. I couldn't tell who has the largest entourage, them or Don & Paula Hassler. I knew they were all having fun, so I stopped wondering when I was given my big annual bear hug from dear Elmo Sears.

I saw Jack Murphy and KPHO director, Charlie White who was speaking with a friend also from that station, Joe Sampson. Bob Davies reminisced about KOOL TV and nearby was Manny Garcia who provided video production talents to KOOL. Donna Draper happily recalls her years with KRFM, KQYT and KMEO. I spent some time visiting with Bob Zimmerman and Sandy Gibbons who is still one of the jolliest men I know, then off to join John & Mary Morrison. Norma Knight seemed to be enjoying the evening. She was with Patty King, wife of Lou, who is sorely missed. At one time with Channel 5, Jerry Kosowsky now produces network shows, including specials for Bill Cosby. Jerry is managing Icon Studios and is planning a new studio in Glendale

Jack Murphy wouldn't miss the party or an opportunity to speak with Jonathan Able. Homer Lane was looking fit and great-and there was Len Ingebrigtesen who was a fixture in the Valley on KOOL and KOY The laughter was loud around Ron Edwards, while fellow actor, Dick Alexander headed another happy group. My evening wouldn't be complete without my annual hug and kiss from Jim Fancher, which I collected on the spot.
There were hundreds of survivors at the party, so many of  whom I didn't have an opportunity to greet. I'll be looking for you at this year's bash. Come over and say hello. I'll be with my handsome hubby, Don Andrews, of the big and beautiful voice. Don is currently broadcasting the news for KFYI and was associated in the past with KOOL-FM and KOY. As for me, I still have the business I started in 1985, A New Beginning. I create a variety of business communications and am a nationally recognized Certified Professional Resume Writer. I have enjoyed writing these reunion memoirs but think it is [past] time for a new point of view in future newsletters. I'll still be looking for you however, so be sure to be where the action is this coming AprilSurvivor's Reunion '98!

Brooke Andrews