A special meeting place for
A good time was had...

...by Brooke Andrews

I am forced to admit to paying less; than a reporter's attention at the last reunion. I spent the entire evening in a happy daze of hugs, kisses and an almost euphoric feeling of delight. But before I get into that, let me answer your first question,  "Who are You?"

Some will remember me as Bambi Newland in Emmet Lancaster's Art Department at Channel 12. 1 became Brooke Newland legally, and then, Brooke Andrews in 1981 when I married my handsome escort for the evening Don Andrews, KOY alum and former News Director for KOOL-FM. Currently - no pun intended - Don is directing combinations and public relations for the Palo Verde Power Plant.

It was a delight to see Phoebe and Ray Thompson. Ray was the Channel 12 news anchor for many years and I thought he was everything a Journalist should be. Ron Conner, Jim (and Marquita) Fancher, Duane Brady and Marilyn Van Wagner (aha! another name change. She used to be Marilyn Brown) were also associated with Channel 12 while I was there. My close friend, the former Carol Nichols was there with her husband Larry Turoff. Carol and I both worked with Emmet, who was hesitant about attending, but his; wife Ruth (who looked great) insisted. Thanks Ruth!

My happy eyes thought everyone looked wonderful, but especially Mary Simunich looking chic as ever. It was fun to get the scoop on what Elmo Sears and Andy Limber are doing, and seeing Ardelle Whitehead, Sandy Gibbons (he'll always be Ranger Bob to me) and Maurie Helle was akin to attending a school reunion, While I frequently see Frank Sprague performing about town it was super to have another hug from one of my favorite people.

Both Don and I were pleased to see Sue Ellen and Gary Edens, always charming and interesting. Don spent some tine speaking with KOOL alumni Bill Lester and Homer Lane. He also chatted with Carole Bartholomeux (hey, should I be jealous?). Everyone's favorite Irishman, Bill McNamara, has the same silver tongue as ever, while Al McCoy with his own gift of gab was me of the interviewers keeping the mike hot and the video-tape rolling. Spelled at intervals by Wally Grant, Mike and Sue Osborn, and several others.

I think I speak for everyone when I say how nice to see former Governor Jack Williams, another KOY alumnus. Frank Pollack was in great voice and Daphne Dicino seemed to be getting as many hugs as I. Faces both legion and legend were there. Two special ladies you'll remember: Jeanne Clark came across town and Nancy Silverstein came all the way from Prescott; husband Lou would have attended but he was in a competition in a distant city. If Nancy can drive that far to share the evening with us, people who live right here in town certainly should have been there.

Other attendees included Roland Ptak, Bob Garland, Will Crandal, Chuck Artique and Mac Jett. I know I'm going to insult many people who are not named here because, although the BeefEaters was packed, I've only mentioned a few dozen. Please don't hate me for the lapse. Perhaps we can do a "Where are they now" feature next time.

I personally want to give special thanks to the committee for coordinating one of the most exciting parties of the year, and to Dee Courtwright and Lisa McFadden for including me in the festivities. I'm counting the days until we do it again.
Brooke Andrews